Percolation Testing (BRE 365)

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Soakaways are at the top of the SuDS hierarchy, as they ensure that surface water run-off from a proposed development is discharged into the ground, rather than into a sewer or watercourses reducing the risk of flooding.

In order to carry out soakaway design, a percolation test to BRE365 is required, and is now also requested by local planning authorities and water authorities to prove that percolation is or is not feasible, inturn ensuring that civil engineering designers are following the SuDS hierarchy.

We provide on-site percolation tests to BRE365 allowing your engineer to calculate the infiltration rate required to size the proposed soakaway.

Percolation testing is now a compulsory report required to prove soakaways are not feasible on your site when making a Section 106 to any of the Water Authorities across the UK.

BRE365 Approved
Meaning we will carry out the tests to proper building standards.
Authority Approved
Percolation tests are now requested by both local planning and water authorities.

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